Now that I am a parent, I cannot fathom the pain it must have caused my parents to persevere through those moments. Fineburg received a Ph. They were so determined that my life course would turn out differently than theirs. Through grit, hard work, tremendous self-discipline, and strength of character, my parents worked and saved their way over the years into the middle class. In some of the members of the Red Cross unit decided to found a philanthropic organization as a memorial to their dear friend and leader.

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At the time, my mother had just passed her 15 th birthday, but already had dreams of becoming a nurse or a teacher. Because they believed in me, I grew up with extraordinary confidence that probably surpassed my actual abilities.

A graduate of Samford University, Dr.

The youngest has gone on to become a nurse anesthetist and has recently been accepted into a doctorate program in her field. MaryLou Overby, gave me an doxs for the Linly Heflin scholarship.

In some of the members of the Red Cross unit decided to found a philanthropic organization as a memorial to their dear friend and leader. Steel and Alabama Power. After returning home from the war, Papaw Raymond became an iron worker and had a long career out of the iron workers local union in Birmingham, where he performed services over the years for companies including U.

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Wool khrjsti, embellished necklines, and sophisticated peplums take over the runway to inspire modern, feminine style with a cool, sophisticated vibe. It was always the intention of the Unit to keep membership small and today it stands at ; the membership is limited to members.


The short life of Linly Heflin has created ripples in Birmingham for almost a century. In the ensuing weeks, as college acceptance letters and other correspondence for me began to come in the daily mail, Daddy made a habit of opening dosss mail for me in his excitement.

Contact or www. Now that I am a parent, I cannot fathom the pain it must have caused my parents to persevere kyristi those moments. Her friends and family were devastated. Currently 94 young women are attending college with the help of Linly Heflin.

Khristi Doss Driver

Heflin was the captain of this group. Both of my sisters later attended college, becoming registered nurses. In January, Heflin, who was expecting her second child, came down with the flu and died.

When Papaw Raymond was 12 years old, his father was murdered, leaving his children and their widowed mother to struggle through the Great Depression alone. My parents genuinely believed I had the potential to achieve anything I set my mind to doing. Fineburg received a Ph. By this time the flu epidemic that was to ravage our country had already begun in Birmingham.

My high school counselor, Mrs. Home for the Holidays. The dooss, yet structured designs portray the creations of the universe versus those that are man made. I will always remember his walking into the gymnasium at my school, carrying the envelope announcing my Linly Heflin scholarship, and the tears and hug khtisti shared in that moment. I will never forget the day of my Linly Heflin interview. Despite the difficulties of her situation, my mother tells me that she was happy but scared to become my mama.


While I was in college, my mama went back to school herself and achieved a degree in Early Childhood Education. The Linly Heflin Fashion Show has been providing scholarship money for young women in Alabama for more than 50 years. After that, Daddy continued working full time, got into an apprenticeship program, and eventually became a licensed electrician, while Mama worked at home, caring for and teaching me.

For three decades, Gus Mayer has been coordinating and implementing the highest level of fashion shows for Linly Heflin, which has been instrumental in raising multiple yearly scholarships to help educate woman in our community. Her father, Sam Cole, one of 8 children, had completed the 8 th grade before spending his life working as a carpenter.

Because of the generosity of those who gave to the Linly Heflin Unit, as well as the generosity of others who were responsible for other academic scholarships I received, I was able to attend the University of Alabama B.

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