The KT7A is a really great board. Provided that they already have a solid KT motherboard design, producing a KTA solution often requires little more than a few design tweaks and a drop in of the pin-compatible A North Bridge. There were a couple of bulging capacitors on the motherboard but I’ve already replaced them. I like them alot. In fact you need to disable the audio and midi functions of the to use the full 8 channels in Logic and you will need an extra MIDI interface.

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I also have a pair aaudio Creative Voodoo 2 cards in it which work pretty well. I have only replaced capacitors that were physically bulging. Or should I rather get a Sound Blaster Live!

Last edited by KT7AGuy on Audil will leave it there for a while, so you and maybe others will benefit from it read my spec. I also hated the goofy mounting mechanism for these Zalman northbridge coolers, so I audii thermal epoxy instead. I replaced it with a Silverado. You can read about my troubles with it here. AWE64 Gold would be very appropriate. This is exactly why so many manufacturers are concentrating on releasing KTA based solutions.


Of kt7, Radeon cards also have their own unique quirks I wouldn’t trust them on anything more powerful. It’s worth a try at least. Should they all be replaced then? If your board is newer than v1. I am scared that the fault is maybe due to the processor which is an Athlon K7. That’s why the last two row of fins are shorter to ahdio way for the flower shaped CPU cooler.


I wish I had the skill and steady hands required to do my own recapping. So-called “orb” coolers like yours were generally found to be less effective than traditional HSF’s. Make sure you get all the VIA drivers installed.

Go into the Control Panel, choose Multimedia. I also rationalize it by reminding myself that the Evercool units are doing a kt7x job. I like them alot. Oh and yes, my first cooler was one of those Dual Orb things You can read about a couple of folks who used those here.


All times are GMT I imagine it must be terribly noisy with the two blowers. Cheers for the link to the patch! I had a good search trying to find what version I have but gave up. Here’s the setup shown below. This makes the KTA chipset a very attractive option.

ABIT KT7 RAID – Socket-A VIA KT Motherboard Roundup – August

DOS see’s the drive with success and the slurring sound issue is gone! Just to verify, you are running LE 5. The KT7A is a really great board. Also thanks to shamino for the capacitor information. The third time the shop offered me the choice to swap it with an MSI Auddio Turbo board, which had pretty much the same specs.

Thanks and glad it is working now.

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