Used as part of a home studio with a couple of laptops expecting to record on the road but just ended up watching Netflix! What I have tried: New other see details. What track counts are you running and are you having any problems with audio clicks or gaps or drop outs? Originally Posted by Ollie That probably means that you have an maybe too old driver version running since the driver was renamed later. You have a Layla, not a Layla3G, right? A bit later you’ll see the choice of standard PC.

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If there is, select that and reboot. I re-installed Reaper, nothing changed. That shouldn’t be a problem though. The two tracks should be aligned. I’m just happy for the help For parts or not working. Now where’s my screwdriver.

Problem with Echo Layla – Cockos Incorporated Forums

That was up until about 4 years ago, when I discoverd Reaper 2. Like many, I grew tired of upgrading all the time, only to find my software or hardware did not run on the new OS.


Lastly, why fix what isn’t broken? I would really appreciate any help I could get. ,ayla

I could never get ASIO to work quite right, and with the way things are implemented in my mixer, I can set latancy in Sonar 4. Under the Audio Settings, I had checked “Close audio device when stopped and application is inactive”, in an attempt to multi-task with other audio apps, and forgot I did this. I have experienced three different problems during my sessions: Thanks for the response.

I’d check with fellow Layla users on that one. Definitely a different issue from the one you describe.

BTW, even though these cards say that they are 20 bit, they function as 24 bit and even 32 bit. Not to mention, running two 32″ monitors to watch it in all its glory.

I have tried everything and every combination purewave etc. Finally, a piece of software that actually did what it claims to do. This is good stuff.

How to Use 2 laylas 20 bits with Cubase 6 –

Yes; I would love to go Layla Let us know how you go EDIT: Steve, Laylaa you currently running a system with one or more Layla 20 cards? Guaranteed Delivery see all. Send a private message to kjwmusic. I’ll keep everyone updated, Mark. Also, if it was a latency issue, the subsequent tracks would be late when compared to the original.


Form Factor see all. To aaio an xp “standard PC” installation, when installing xp at the very beggining screen, you want to hit F5 when it asks for third party drivers. I stick it on every machine I build and it has saved me a lot of headaches over the years.

Audio sync issues. Layla 20 / SONAR 4.0.2 (Solved)

I’ve got ways to go now. A little background on the situation: SONAR will often stop running with a dropout if I insert an audio effect while the project is playing.

What version of the drivers are you running?

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