Totally you can save up to 3 numbers for a name and set a type. The buttons responsible for an MP3 player are under the external screen, this allows changing songs without opening a clamshell, which is comfortable. You can choose the type of memory where the photos will be saved. Bluetooth settings are also here. Having the price of USD the device nevertheless looses to Motorola v in functionality, the last one if the closes copy in this form-factor the price is 80 USD less.

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But considering it, its development will take about half a year, and by that time it will have become irrelevant.

Review GSM phone LG M

A clip takes KB of the phone memory, which is rather poor anyway. Preset pictures also are concerned with cars.

It is possible to save up to 20 events in the organizer and a date and time for the alert are set. The thing to add to our description is wap-browser is of version 2. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. After the first number is m440, the second field is shown, and a third one after the second.

That is OLED with a picture looking well, bright colours, but rather artificial, which is typical of this screen type. We were impressed with the quality of the flip mechanism, which seemed effortless to open and close. That means you’ll have to activate the mm4410 backlighting by side buttons to see the clock. The buttons responsible for an MP3 player are under the external screen, this allows changing songs without opening a clamshell, which is comfortable.


It is closed with a plastic shutter fixed to the body. The functions are partly bound, which makes the device loose to many models and resembles Sagem myX-8 at its launch moment.

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LG M4410. Live pictures

All the sounds may be adjusted from here, mm4410 a call signal to a key press sound and alert type. Phone settings excluding the screen ones are adjusted from this menu.

The volume of the tones polyphonic alert is high; it is well heard in various conditions, especially if an MP3 file is set as a call melody. Various functions are mixed here, for instance, the camera is neighboring with the dictaphone records and karaoke. The menu system also incorporates a quick shortcuts structure, whereby each menu item has a corresponding number. The last case shows only 7 characters of the name, which will confuse you if the surnames are similar. The display shows K and has the resolution of x pixels.

Hot memory card change is supported, which is an undoubted advantage and characterizes the device as up-to-date. The keypad is full-size, due to the body dimensions. A mAh Li-Ion battery is used as a standard for the phone.

Uploaded images, melodies, videos and programs are stored in separate folders. This is an issue which is fairly common amongst all camera phones though, so it isn’t a downside of this particular unit, but rather a universal problem which still doesn’t seem to have been solved.


Bluetooth work tells upon the battery life not as significant, it takes only 15 percents of the total time Bluetooth is constantly on, the phone is connected to the headset. The opening process is not very comfortable, the hollows are not very ergonomic, and the fingers touch the edges.

We’ve seen this in quite a few of the LG handsets and it is a feature which we definitely like. Wall-papers for both internal and external screens are to choose from here, as well as one of the four interface themes. The m4140 to mention are Sepia and BW. Full recharging takes about 2 hours. Number keys join each other closely, though their size is more than average, they are comfortable in work.


This is a plain file manager, which allows copying one file to another memory type in a unit of time several files can’t be transferred at once. The step is interesting and deserved attention, since in some m410 all the manufacturers will have to offer similar solutions due to strong competition.

We couldn’t understand what the need in such clips is.

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