Homework 8 , due Monday, February Homework 2 due October While you are encouraged to crowdsource and discuss coursework through Piazza, please do not post complete solutions to homework problems there. Students are expected to do proofs. There are no exceptions; this grading scheme is intended to accommodate emergencies that require missing an exam.

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Our office hours can be found in the following calendar. Homework 4 due October Homework 5due Friday, February 5.

Homework 1due Friday, January 8. It is allowed and even encouraged to discuss homework problems with your classmates and your instructor and TA, but your final write up of your homework solutions must be your own work. All chapters 1,2,3,4 except the construction of real numbers Important: If, despite your best efforts, you arrive late, please enter quietly through the rear door and take a seat near where you entered.

Also, here and here are the earlier posted Prep documents for Midterms 1 and 2.

Homework 6due Friday, February There will be no make-up exams. Students are expected to do proofs.


Math 140A – Real Analysis

Attending the lecture is a fundamental part of the course; you are responsible for material presented in the lecture whether or not it 14a0 discussed in the textbook.

Preparation for the Final Exam: Most of the material for these topics will be taken from the first four chapters of the text by Rudin.

Course webpage this page: Kemp will hold office hours on Wednesday, March 16, 1: That way, everyone can benefit from the response. The main issues are cheating and plagiarism, of course, for which we have a zero-tolerance policy. The final exam is scheduled for Thursday, December 13, pm.

Syllabus Welcome to Math A: You are expected to write as you would in any professional correspondence. Homework 9 due December 6: If, for any reason, you cannot make it to one of the midterms, you will automatically receive grading option 2.

All course information will be updated on this site.

Math A: Foundations of Real Analysis I, Fall

Noise and common courtesy: You can sign up here if you are not signed up. We will be communicating with you and making announcements through an online question and answer platform called Piazza sign up link: Disruption interferes with the learning environment and impairs the ability of others to focus, participate, and engage.


Questions about grades should be brought to the instructors, in office hours. Homework 2due Friday, January They are very similar to problems you will see on the Final Exam on Thursday. 14a

First course in a rigorous three-quarter sequence on real analysis. Homework 3due Friday, January Homework 5 due November 1: A missed midterm exam counts as zero points, with the following exception.

Ross, Elementary Analysis, second edition. Finite, countable and uncountable sets; Metric spaces Important:

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