It also allows scanning framed slides, though the manufacturers do not consider it a useful feature because holders for films are metallic and this one is plastic. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. As the scanner ages, the image quality delivered by this scanner will remain optimal. Extensive User Control SilverFast presents a clean, simple to use interface. Show More Show Less. Thanks I appreciate the advise and am looking into the other postings on the subject!

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The scale was chosen so that the object sizes in pixels coincided with the scanned image. The ArtixScan tf patented design moves the 10tf holder leaving the lens fixed.

But pros might just ignore it. The holders are without glass which prevents possible Newton rings but also creates complicated problems when scanning non-standard films, for example, of the Horizon camera.

Microtek ArtixScan 120tf Scanner

That’s all about the scanner. I’m buying a new scanner and am trying to figure out which is better. About this product Product Arfixscan Designed for workers who are worried about reliability and trustworthiness when keeping a digital record, this Microtek slide and film scanner is trusty microtdk useful.


Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The original shot is x, 20 Mp. Fortunately, it values wide films much more. The winner is the Mamiya C33, as it’s difficult to compete with 53Mp shots even accounting for the need for further smoothing.

We shot just a fragment. The shot taken with the Zorki was scanned in the increased sharpness mode.

At the frame format of 6×9 cm we got a frame of x pixels, Employing a repair department in the US with US workers and expensive parts makes it worthwhile in some cases to simply upgrade to a new microteo.

As the scanner ages, the image quality delivered by this scanner will remain optimal.

Microtek ArtixScan tf Scanner | eBay

Resolution The maximum optical resolution is dpi. Either way you would also need to get a glass holder. Such selectivity can’t be delivered by hardware solutions – most of them can’t even process black-and-white films. It is also possible to view the individual C,M,Y and K channels prior to the final scan. We are going to tell you about its features we have examined.

The resolution chart shown was shot on Mikrat film with the Yashica lens. The images after scanning at dpi want further processing in a graphical editor. The frame format is 24×36 mm. The resolution of dpi completely micdotek the scanner’s potential, while at some information gets lost.


Fujitsu fi Document Scanner Up to 6 frames 35mm Film strip Up to 4 35m Slides Up to 5 frames medium format 6×4. Micrrotek and SCSI-II connections FireWire delivers the highest possible scan speeds by dramatically reducing the data transfer bottleneck apparent with other systems particularly important with high resolution scans with large amounts of data.

Microtek ArtixScan 120tf Dia & Filmscanner

Film Types 35mm strips, 35mm slides, 6×4. Films usually contain a bit more information. Negafix makes this supremely simple by reducing the negative scanning process to three simple steps.

The image quality is stunning. The comparison looks quite logical. The Microtek tf makes it easy for you to hook up the scanner and preserve your digitized files on a computer or another digital storage device using its efficient multiple forms of computer connection.

In the mid-range class we have both amateur-level and professional cameras: Voigtar Voigtlander-Braunschweig lens 1: The original size is x, 6 Mp.

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